Wednesday, December 21, 2016

WTH Holidays: Swamp Beast Impregnation by Jackie Renquist

While I'm taking a bit of a break from the season, I invite you to enjoy a little WTH Holiday mayhem as my dark half, Foster Medina, and his messed up literary diversions break out of their Friday dungeon, filling the season with the bizarre, the twisted, the grotesque, and the kinky. Enjoy!

At a glance, it would seem as if Swamp Beast Impregnation had almost too much going for it - monster erotica, a fantasy landscape, zombies, tentacle rape, gender transformation, and impregnation. I actually went into it expecting to be disappointed, but aside from a few typos that an editor really should have caught, this was pure sexy, imaginative, depraved entertainment.

It wasn't clear from the cover blurb, but this is actually a classic Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy tale at its heart, complete with a sword-wielding explorer who foolishly chooses a dangerous short cut to get his treasures to market. The first half of Jackie Renquist's story is actually quite good from a fantasy genre perspective, with our hero forced to defend himself from a variety of monsters. The action is quick, but nicely detailed, and I enjoyed the history of the swamps themselves.

The second half of the story is where the erotica kicks in, and it completely delivered on the ambitious promise of the blurb. Here is tentacle erotica done right, with enough imaginative touches to make the involuntary enjoyment plausible, and enough detail to make it vivid in our eyes. The transformation is done in stages, each of them slightly different from the other, and (again) nicely detailed and impressively imaginative.

With so much detail in terms of word building and mythology, and so much detail to the narrative, Swamp Beast Impregnation is one of those stories I wished was longer, especially since we're left with such a tantalizing tease at the end.

Kindle Edition, 14 pages
Published March 3rd 2016 by Obsidian Desires Publishing

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